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what is inyu training®?

inyu training® is a learning community, both online and live, where salon leaders can teach, share and create together. The training we provide for you to use in your business is created using the award-winning 4MAT® learning model that engages every learning style and creates immediate business impact.

When you subscribe for $150/month as an inyu training® member, you gain unlimited access to all of our web-based classes and training library for your whole team. Or, you can purchase a single workshop from our online store. We also provide private coaching sessions, train-the-trainer certification workshops, on-site retreats and live public workshops.

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about us

Jeanine O’Neill-Blackwell
Founder, inyu training®

When passion and talent meet, great things show up.

My passion is for all things new, for what makes people tick and how everything connects. My talent? Noticing what really smart people know about a “thing” they are really smart about — whether’s it’s leading, managing inventory, training, you name it — and figuring out how you can share that in a way that the rest of us can learn how to be just as good at it as the smart people.

In the 20 years I have played in this industry, this passion/talent collision has created an opportunity for me to work as a consultant on designing learning with some really talented people in really amazing companies.

I have had the opportunity to be a part of designing curriculum being created by Aveda: the Aveda Business College, the Color/Texture curriculum, the Aveda Institute Educator training and the Men’s curriculum. Aveda does it rightgreat content, great visuals and strong learning design. I’ve also worked with companies you know outside of our industry on how to design training that works for all learners including Merck, Princess Cruises, 3M, IKEA, the Center for Creative Leadership, to name a few.

Working on projects like this with a lot of resources behind them — both financial and intellectual — raises the bar for me on what great training programs look like. As a partner in Beauty Basics, a school management company, I want to deliver to our team well-designed, beautiful training materials that generate results. I want our leaders to be able to focus on leading, rather than figuring out how to wake people up in a staff meeting. And, I want to blend online and live training, so that our team can learn anytime.

The question is how to create, design, implement all the training we need with a virtually non-existent “training department?"

I believe inyu training® is the answer. We’ve assembled a talented community of training designers, trainers, coaches and industry experts to share their experiences. Now, all we need is you. I hope you will play with us — share what you need, share what you like and share what you have that is working.

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Jeanine O'Neill-Blackwell

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