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inyu training® connects your leadership team to a vibrant learning community, providing password-protected access to training resources. Download workbooks for coaching and planning sessions.

As a Genius, you can also:

Join business leaders for
   thought-provoking web workshops.
See videos from industry and
   business leaders 24/7
Print workbooks for coaching and
   planning sessions.

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  Coaching skills

Access training for your leadership team through web workshops, video content and training modules you facilitate in your location.

Downloadable tools and learning materials can be put to use with your team.

  Leading Meetings

Discover ideas for improving the productivity of team meetings. Share tips and techniques that encourage participation and follow-through.
  Business Thought Leaders

Explore the best of the latest business information. Join live or recorded web workshops with business thought leaders and experts in leading and managing.
  Managing for Results

Explore how to include performance coaching into your daily management focus. Practice difficult conversations and learn how to break productivity goals into manageable chunks.

Identify your leadership team’s individual and collective strengths and weaknesses. Build a development plan to maximize your leadership effectiveness.
  Best Practices

Share best practices from in and outside of the industry. Expand your thinking by exploring how other leaders approach similar challenges and opportunities.