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The inyu training® monthly newsletter featuring tips and techniques to grow your salon or spa business and improve training and staff meetings.

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Unlimited access to our online salon and spa community
Your salon and spa training team will have 24/7 access to our entire training library, providing password-protected access to training and problem solving audio, video and written content.

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On-demand salon and spa training materials
Your salon and spa trainers can access recorded web workshops and downloadable training materials to learn how to move ideas into action and improve their facilitation and presentation skills.
Web-based workshops for salon and spa trainers
Your salon and spa trainers can join a series of live, thought-provoking web-based workshops that focus on leadership skills that will enhance their ability to design and deliver effective training.

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Private coaching sessions
Let inyu training® help you create a salon and spa financial plan and training strategy.

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With our new online store, you can purchase individual on-demand or live salon and spa training classes, solution kits and more.

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